Bow windows are very similar to bay windows, but the key difference is that bow windows have 4 or more window panes whereas bay windows have 3. Another defining feature of bow windows is that the 4 or more window panes are connected to each other at angles that are equal to one another. This creates an curving visual effect that enhances the total viewing area of the outdoors.

Bow windows are excellent for creating a feeling of a bigger space in the room they occupy, and they are also extremely good at enhancing the total amount of natural light that enters the room. These windows look especially good in the “main” rooms of the house, such as the master bedroom. We offer free estimates on all of our window installation services so if you are thinking about adding bow windows to your home, then you have come to the right place! Get in touch with us for your free estimate right away!

Bay & Bow Windows Measurements

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