Garden windows are the absolutely most ideal window installation choice for homeowners who love growing plants indoors. No other window style allows such a great amount of natural light to enter a room, and they add such a spectacular aesthetic value to any room that they occupy. Garden windows are characterized by projecting outwards, allowing the maximum amount of daylight to enter a room. By projecting outwards, garden windows are essentially made up of 4 separate window panes that are constructed together to make a box-like shape that is perfect for decorating with plants, pictures of friends and family, or any other kinds of decorations that your heart may desire!

As their name suggests, garden windows are highly ideal for decorating with plants such as flowers or fresh herbs, as these plants absolutely love the abundant sunlight and warm temperatures that garden windows provide. While garden windows look fantastic in any and every room they occupy, they are a really great choice to put above a kitchen sink, as some of the drops of water that splash around from doing dishes or washing hands are bound to land on the plants growing in the window, which will make them thrive even more.

Garden Windows Measurements

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