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Free Measurements

Replacement windows measurement

Are you looking to replace your vinyl windows but don’t know their size, or how to measure them? Our friendly and professional staff will do it for you for free!

Book a window measurement appointment that will save you time and hassle. From Picture windows to casement windows will be accurately measured by our team of professionals in less than an hour.


High efficiency replacement windows

We are committed to providing energy-efficient products only. Our replacement windows utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure you are providing your home with maximum insulation efficiency.

Traditional single pane windows used across the US do a poor job of keeping out the cold and excessive heat. If you have these windows, you are likely spending extra hundreds a year than you would with ENERGY STAR® qualified windows.

Trinsic 2 lite slider windows by Milgard
Hugh end floor to ceiling windows


Financing your energy savings

We believe in transparency, quality, and affordability for all. We proudly offer the best pricing and optimal financing terms. No more sketchy quotes and hidden fees from unsolicited companies.

Know your window replacement cost instantly! Build your custom replacement window and see all prices upfront. Once you configure your personalized window, you can buy it online or save the quote to compare it with other window companies.


Replacement window installation services

We offer installation services to all of our offline clients! For only $375 per window, we guarantee the best insulation and installation job that will last for years and years.

Choose from a dazzling array of window varieties, from casement to double-hung windows and everything in between. If you can name it, we can install it. Do you want to install the windows yourself? Great! We offer free pickup from our California locations. (Available only in San Diego, CA)

Waterproofing window after installation

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For your peace of mind

Products that are defective in materials or workmanship will be either repaired or replaced with no additional cost for either parts or labor.

Replacement of modified or discontinued products may be substituted with products and components of equal quality and as similar in appearance as possible. When you buy with us you can rest assured that you will be satisfied for years to come.


We offer free estimates on new construction windows and doors jobs. To book a consultation, measurements, and free estimate, click on the book appointment button!


How much do replacement window cost ?

Use our simple online window builder above to custom create the window you need, get an instant quote, and place an order for order windows online.

What are the pros and cons of vinyl windows?

1. Disadvantages of Vinyl Window

Color customization.  Vinyl windows come in a variety of colors, but you cannot paint or stain the interior to match the decor, so it’s best to choose a neutral color.

1. Advantages of Vinyl Windows

Lower Energy Costs.  Vinyl windows keep heat in during winter and out during summer.  This reduces heating and air conditioning usage for lower energy bills.

Low-Maintenance.  Vinyl windows are nearly 100 percent scratch free. They never have to be painted, scraped, or stained and they’re easily cleaned with soap and water. Because they’re resistant to the elements, they don’t age as fast as other windows.

Affordability.  Vinyl is the least expensive of all window materials, but this doesn’t mean vinyl windows are low quality.  Vinyl is durable, and it won’t rust or corrode.  If your windows and doors are Energy-Star Qualified – all Metropolitan products are, by the way – then chances are you will quality for a tax-credit.  This saves you money and adds value to your home if you ever decide to sell.Variety.  Vinyl windows have many color, size, and style options.  They can also be custom made and sizes range widely.  Vinyl windows are available in styles from awning to picture.

What makes a window energy efficient?

Energy-efficient windows, also known as energy-saving windows reduce your home’s energy usage—and therefore, your bills!

These are the factors that make a window energy efficient.

1. Quality Frame Materials

High quality frame materials will reduce the transfer of heat and offer better insulation. Generally, aluminum windows are the least efficient simply because they conduct heat too well. Vinyl frames tend to offer better performance due to its insulative qualities.

2. Multiple Glass Panes

A single pane of glass won’t offer much insulation. Double paned windows create air pockets between the layers of glass, which are sealed shut to prevent any air from entering or escaping. 

3. Gas Fills

Energy-efficient windows will have Argon gas between window panes which offer better insulating performance than regular air. Argon gas is non-toxic, odorless, and colorless.

4. Low-E Glass Coatings

To maximize the efficiency of the glass itself, energy-efficient windows will have a Low-E coating on them to reflect infrared and UV light. Low-E is a thin metallic coating that goes on the glass and is an effective way to keep heat inside your home in the winter or to keep it out of your home in the summer.

5. Proper Installation 

The most energy-efficient window will be useless if it is installed improperly. Proper installation of a window contributes greatly to its performance. This is just as important as the frame material or type of glass and gas fill.

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