Please read our returns policy carefully. ClearMax® Windows & Doors maintains the rights to update the return policy at anytime without further notice.


Fulfillment takes place between Monday – Friday 10 am -4 pm, excluding all bank holidays.
All deliveries must be picked up from our local warehouses. All items must be signed for before pickup. We do not allow our customers to pick up items without a signature.

ClearMax® will strive to Fulfill the ordered products in accordance with the anticipated time of delivery stated but reserves the right to change the anticipated time of delivery if necessary.

At pickup, the Customer shall provide sufficient identification and the correct order reference.

Before signing the acceptance of delivery, make sure to check the item to make sure it is not damaged. If the product arrives damaged, you will need to indicate that to our fulfillment partner.
Please also note that we may require photographic evidence of any physical damage to a product before we will ship a replacement item.

If the customer fails to pick up the windows within 30 days of notification, ClearMax® has the right to terminate the agreement between the parties with immediate effect, and no refunds will be provided.

Reporting a Fault or Damage Product

In the unlikely event of your product arriving damaged or developing a fault while you’re using it, we will require you to fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We use these forms to determine how the damage occurred, and the best way to resolve the issue with minimum inconvenience to you. We also use these forms to collect data on faults so we can improve our procedures and customer service. Completing this form does not mean you need to return your goods, it just means we can analyze the situation and find the best resolution.

Returns Policy

In the event the item arrives damaged, we will provide an adequate replacement.

Right of Withdrawal

A Customer has the right to withdraw the purchase by notifying ClearMax® of this within 72 hours from the day you or a person specified by you have paid or for the order. If the Customer decides to withdraw its purchase of a product, ClearMax® shall fully reimburse the Customer for such product.

If you want to withdraw the purchase before the expiry of the withdrawal period, send a clear and precise message to ClearMax® via e-mail at To facilitate the withdrawal, ClearMax® recommends you to call our customer service. The Customer shall state name, address and preferably other relevant information that is needed in order for ClearMax® to identify the order.

When you exercise your right of withdrawal, ClearMax® will reimburse the Customer for the returned product. ClearMax® has the right to deduct a sum corresponding to the diminished value of the product compared to the original value. Reimbursement will be made to the Customer by the original payment method chosen by the Customer.