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Secure & low-maintenance

2 Lite Slider windows feature a slightly overlapping horizontal sash, which allows the window to slide to the left or right in a single, smooth motion. This mechanism is also what ensures excellent ventilation in your home at all times.

2 Lite Slider features a low profile in order to provide more security and easier ventilation. Speaking of security, these windows also come with a dual ventilator auto-lock feature which makes them more secure than most types of windows.

Additionally, their airtight mainframe ensures no air gets out, allowing you to keep your home at the optimal temperature all year round. The frames are welded shut, making Slider windows fully waterproof.


2 lite slider windows offers strength and stability while maintaining ease of operation

Whether you are in need of picturesque views, better security or energy efficiency, you won’t go wrong with Slider windows. The wide design of these windows is perfect for areas that need some additional natural light or better ventilation. They are often installed in bathrooms behind a wide tub or above kitchen sinks to ventilate when needed.

2 Lite Slider windows come in a variety of decorative options as well as materials such as aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass. It will be easy to fit them in with your home’s existing aesthetic. Additionally, their design is quite simple and classic so they will be able to accentuate all of the features already inside your home.



Custom Sized Frames

Classic Look

Removable Sashes

Trinsic 2 lite slider windows by Milgard