Can windows be installed without professional help?

To ensure that your windows and doors continue to maintain their impeccable performance, their installation must be done square and level, and an appropriate water barrier must be fixed. In case these measures are not taken while the windows are being installed, there is a possibility of both your home and windows getting damaged. Thankfully, seeking professional help will prevent such adverse consequences.

What is the process of the ClearMax® windows & Doors installation?

To ensure perfection in installation, ClearMax® windows and doors are installed by highly trained and certified ClearMax® installers. Depending on the damage surrounding your windows, the installation can be either a full-frame or insert replacement.

How much time is required for window installation?

A few different factors influence the time required for the completion of the installation of your replacement windows. The time required to remove your old window, the window purchased by you for replacement, additional equipment required for installation, or any problems in the property, might affect the duration of the installation.

What is the cost of windows installation?

Installation depends primarily on the type of window purchased for installation and the kind of installation required for the same. The cost would further depend on the area of residence. In the long run, the energy efficiency of the windows will help save on utility bills. Please contact ClearMax® Windows and Doors for a free estimate.

Am I required to do anything to get my home ready for window installation? Is it required to move/cover my furniture?

Window treatments such as curtains, blinds, etc. should be removed. Please clear a path to the windows that are being replaced. It would also be advisable to remove any pictures or decorations on the wall close to the windows being replaced as they could fall during the replacement of the windows.

Will my house be a mess after the installation?

No. Our trained professionals will install your doors and windows with as little disruption to your home as possible. Our installers cover up your floors, furniture, and the region around the workplace with protective covering such as drop cloths or plastic sheeting.

Does replacement take place inside or outside?

Factors such as insulation, anchoring, and seals that protect the window from air and water infiltration around the frame, are important in the professional installation and maximum energy efficiency of your windows. To ensure the best quality service, the ClearMax® team would require access to both the inside and the outside of the window.

Will the installation affect the surrounding wall? Is a repaint required for the interior or exterior walls?

The greatest respect and care will be taken of your property during the installation of your replacement window. All our experienced installers take extreme precautions to prevent any harm to your home, including any requirement to repaint or repair the interior or exterior walls.

What are the available payment options and financing available?

Depending on the promotional period, we offer a range of payment options and financing. To explore available options, please contact us.

Is the installation of windows done year-round? Will there be a loss of heat/cooling at the time of installation?

The ClearMax® team will help you with window replacements year-round. An average installation takes about one-two days. The windows are installed one at a time by our crews and they make sure to minimize any heating/cooling. The new windows will make up for any incremental energy costs during installments many times over.

How much time is required to get my replacement window? How much time is required for installation?

Manufacturing time might vary because every window is custom-built to fit your home and design choices. Once delivered, the amount of time required is determined by the kind of window installed and the kind of window being removed. On average, each window should take around 60 minutes for installation. Additional time will be required for trim work and cleanup.

What kind of warranty is provided for my windows?

As long as you own your home, our manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty holds good for all windows and doors we provide. Please see our warranties page or contact us for more details.

What will be done with my old window?

All old windows are promptly removed from your property after the installation of your new replacement windows and properly disposed of. If you would like to retain your old windows or storm windows, please inform the installation crew of the same as soon as they arrive for installation.

What happens if I encounter a problem in the window?

Most issues encountered by our customers can be solved without any difficulty and don’t usually signify a problem in your window. Please do contact us for any help or assistance.

Is it normal to find water on the inside of my window during a recent storm? How to fix it?

Water may appear on the inside of your window during a rainstorm but you don’t have to be alarmed. Our windows and patio doors have an innovatively designed “weep” drainage system on the exterior bottom rails of the frame whose function is to allow water to drain to the outside of the window while simultaneously protecting the inside of your home.
Water may appear on the inside of your window during a rainstorm but you don’t have to be alarmed. Our windows and patio doors have an innovatively designed “weep” drainage system on the exterior bottom rails of the frame whose function is to allow water to drain to the outside of the window while simultaneously protecting the inside of your home.

What is Low E glass or a Low E coating?

The “e” stands for emissivity. The ability of a material to radiate energy is called emissivity. When heat or light energy that typically comes from the sun is absorbed by glass, the air movement either shifts it or it is re-radiated by the glass surface.
Typically, low emissivity can be associated with highly reflective material whereas dull darker colored material is associated with high emissivity. The insulation properties of a window can be improved by reducing the emissivity of one or more of the window glass surfaces. Hence, Low E glass can improve the insulation of a home from the effects of external temperatures in any climate.
Low E coatings have been developed to reduce the emissivity of glass. These minimize the amount of ultraviolet or infrared light that can pass through without any compromise in the amount of visible light transmitted.

How to distinguish between clear glass and glass with Low E coating?

The easiest experiment to check if windows have low E glass is to hold a lit flame (match or lighter) next to the glass in a dark surrounding. There will be three flames reflected in the window if the glass is low E coated, with the center flame being a different color than the outer two.

Is there a standard size for all doors and windows?

There are no industry standard sizes for windows. Each window manufacturer would have their standard sizes. Doors, on the other hand, do have industry-standard sizes but need measurements to ensure that they fit the surrounding trim.