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Buy Patio Doors Online! ClearMax® is the trusted choice of households and contractors in California for replacement and new construction patio doors. Our LowE coated, dual-paned patio doors will reduce heat transfer, lower your energy bills, and save you money! Customize the doors you need, get an instant quote, and place an order. Free local pickup in California.

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Sliding doors

Sliding Door

Sliding patio doors

Are you remodeling or building a new home and looking for sliding glass doors? ClearMax® is the #1 supplier of custom sliding patio doors online. We offer all sliding glass door sizes at the best possible price. Whether you are looking for high-end or cheap patio doors or vinyl sliding doors in general, we have it all! Energy-efficient custom sliding glass doors are our specialty.

French doors

French Door

French patio doors

Are you looking to buy french doors and make your living space more elegant? We provide the best custom french doors at the best value.  ClearMax® offers customizable Energy-efficient glass french doors that help reduce your energy bills and lower your household carbon footprint. Need a french door in black color?  Are you looking for the cost of french doors or french door prices? You are at the right place!


How much do patio doors cost?

Use our online patio door builder above to custom create the window you need, get an instant quote, and place an order for order windows online.

What makes a patio door energy efficient?

Energy-efficient french or sliding doors, also known as energy-saving doors reduce your home’s energy usage—and therefore, your bills!

These are the factors that make a door energy efficient.

1. Quality Frame Materials

High-quality frame materials will reduce the transfer of heat and offer better insulation. Generally, aluminum windows are the least efficient simply because they conduct heat too well. Vinyl frames tend to offer better performance due to their insulative qualities.

2. Multiple Glass Panes

A single pane of glass won’t offer much insulation. Double-paned French or sliding doors create air pockets between the layers of glass, which are sealed shut to prevent any air from entering or escaping. 

3. Gas Fills

Energy-efficient french or sliding doors will have Argon gas between door panes which offer better insulating performance than regular air. Argon gas is non-toxic, odorless, and colorless.

4. Low-E Glass Coatings

To maximize the efficiency of the glass itself, energy-efficient patio doors will have a Low-E coating on them to reflect infrared and UV light. Low-E is a thin metallic coating that goes on the glass and is an effective way to keep heat inside your home in the winter or to keep it out of your home in the summer.

5. Proper Installation 

The most energy-efficient sliding door will be useless if it is installed improperly. Proper installation of patio doors contributes greatly to its performance. This is just as important as the frame material or type of glass and gas fill.

How are patio doors graded?

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) operates a voluntary program that tests, certifies, and labels patio doors based on their energy performance ratings. The NFRC label provides a reliable way to determine a window’s energy properties and to compare products. Learn more.

Can patio doors be installed without professional help?

To ensure that your patio doors continue to maintain their impeccable performance, their installation must be done square and level, and an appropriate water barrier must be fixed. In case these measures are not taken while the patio doors are being installed, there is a possibility of both your home and doors getting damaged. Thankfully, seeking professional help will prevent such adverse consequences.