Double-hung windows offer the absolute highest level of possible ventilation that windows can provide. Rather than opening outward or inward, the windows slide up and down on sashes to allow air to freely flow in and out of the house. Double and single hung windows consist of two window frames that are directly on top of one another. However, unlike single hung windows in which only the bottom window frame can slide up or down, double-hung windows allow both frames to move up and down independently. This means you can create a draft on the top end of the window frame, which allows for warm air to escape while keeping cooler air inside the house.

You can have both the top and the bottom open to maximize ventilation, or choose to have just the bottom window open up to allow cool air to escape while keeping warmer air inside the house. By opting to have your windows installed with double or triple pane glass, you can maximize the thermal efficiency of your double hung windows when they are closed, while still being able to enjoy the maximized ventilation that they offer when opened. These windows offer the best of both worlds when it comes to the ventilative properties of windows, along with the highly important insulative properties of windows.

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