Premium Windows and Doors

Modern house interior demonstrating the kind of view you can optimize with Premium Windows and Doors

At ClearMax®, we take pride in being Premium Windows & Doors certified dealers. Why Premium Windows & Doors? Because they provide the look, the efficiency, the price and fast delivery. Average windows and doors provide a look, some efficiency, high price and long lead time.

Premium Windows & Doors improves the feel and the value of your house. That’s because every quality house needs quality windows and doors. A premium house without premium windows and doors is kinda like a Porche without a paintjob.

Weather you are a homeowner or a contractor Premium Windows & Doors has product you need to get your project done the right way.

With premium Windows & Doors can turn your vision into a reality now. Not in three months of contracting, purchasing goods, and endless negotiations. Avoid months of contractors trying to upsell and cross sell you services. Get a real quote for real work done fast.

We’ll take care of the hassle and leave you with a look and energy-efficiency that lasts.  

Here’s a few popular window styles below.

Top 3 Premium Windows & Doors Series

We’ve picked out and arranged some of the most popular looks.


this series offers a variety of styles to suit your needs and create the perfect look in your home or building for years to come. The Timeless series offers an extensive selection of colors to choose from.  Whether this is a new construction project or replacement windows, we have you covered! When selecting the timeless series, you can rest assured that the windows and doors that will always be fashionable. Some of the features in this series are:

  • Auto-lock
  • Integral Pull Rail
  • Nylon Window Rollers
  • 3-1/4″ Retrofit Frame Depth
  • 3/4″ Insulated Glass Unit
Beautiful home with siding and brick spotlighted with high-quality windows


Show off your accomplishments with an elegant house. Your house will stand above the others in the neighborhood with spacious windows that let you look out over your property. Let the natural lighting find its way into the house without heating your house. Features of the Elegance series include:

  • Auto-lock
  • LoĒ³-366® dual Insulated Glass Units
  • Tilt-in Single and Double Hung Models
  • Nylon Window Rollers
  • 2-3/4″ Frame Depth
  • Even Sight Lines
  • Vent Latches

Wow, look at these custom double-pane windows on a stunning great room.


This is the most comprehensive product family of the highest quality. The windows are built to deliver top-notch performance and engineered to host several glass packages including triple glazing and laminated glass options. Windows from the Serene series are virtually maintenance-free, providing piece of mind and tranquility.

  • Auto-lock
  • STC Rated for Sound Reduction
  • Triple and Laminated Glass Options
  • Nylon Window Rollers
  • 3-1/4″ Frame Depth
  • Even Sight Lines

Modern vibe, energy-efficient and attractive windows.

About Premium Windows Glass

When selecting Premium Windows, you have the option of single or double pane glass. Doors come standard with double panes. Triple pane glass coming soon!

Premium partnered with Cardinal Glass Industries to provide the ultimate performance glass, LoĒ³-366®, in all Premium Windows products. LoĒ³-366® provides the highest levels of comfort and energy savings, for all climates. The secret? A triple layer of silver coating on the glass. This will protect your furniture, carpet, curtains and fabrics in the home as well as keep the heat and cold weather out. Energy-efficient windows will save you a bundle and help the environment at the same time.

If you are looking for reduced visibility glass options, Premium has plenty:

Premium Windows Styles

Premium Windows has every window type under the sun. Arches, pictures, sliders, casement, and single windows ensure you get what you want and what works for your house. 

Every single detail can be customized towards what you want. But here are some broad categories that can frame our discussion and get the house how you want your house.

Arch & Special Shape Windows –  Both unique and classic. Works well for classic houses with a flair.

Picture Windows – Square windows maximize your view and the natural lighting.

Casement & Awning Windows – Open your windows for a breeze or keep them closed and look at the sun.

Single Hung Window – The sturdy option. Built like a tank to ensure that there will be no cracks or breaks.

Premium Doors

Premium Doors are the portal from your house into the outside world. And they are often an afterthought when a house is constructed. Everyone has an opinion on paint colors. Few have an opinion on doors. But doors are even more important than house color. Think about every time you need to go through the door.

Multi Sliding Doors – Easily open up your door to the patio. Keep the door open and let the breeze sweep through your house. 

French Swing Doors – Simple doors for your own examples. 

Patio Sliding Doors – Keep your door halfway open or keep the door halfway closed.

In sum: What’s right for me?

You have two options when buying Premium windows and Doors. We can provide a consultation to help you select the best possible windows, supply they windows and install them for you, or you can order the Timeless series online using our custom window builder web app.

So what’s right for you? Buy a package if you’re a working professional who wants someone else to take care of the details.

Whatever you choose, premium windows have you covered.

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