Replacing Your Windows?

Replacing Your Windows

Replacing your windows can be a big project, but there also may be hidden costs to not replacing them. Several signs can point to window replacement as the best solution for a variety of household problems. If you’ve experienced any of these problems, you may want to consider whether your windows are the cause.

Heating or Cooling Is Expensive

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Your money could be flying out the window every winter and summer. Take a look at your heating bills in the winter to determine whether you’re spending too much. You also may find a correlation with your air conditioning needs in the summer.

Older windows are not designed to keep up with the demands of modern heating and cooling. New energy-efficient windows may be a big expense, but you’ll easily make up the difference quickly in energy costs.

Windows Get Stuck

Do you struggle to open your windows? If they are hard to open or get stuck easily, this could also signify they need to be replaced. If you need to use something to prop open your windows so they don’t slide down and break, that’s also a home security issue.

Storms Cause Damage

Big storms can affect a lot of things on your home, including roofing and siding. Windows are not immune from natural disasters, either. After a major storm, inspect windows along with your roof. Overlooking this problem could lead to bigger issues.

Water Gets Inside

Damaged wet window

Do you have water coming into your home from an unknown the source? Your windows could be the entry point. Older homes often have wood rot around the windows that is not identified in a home inspection. If water is getting inside, you could have much bigger issues like mold. Check this as quickly as possible to prevent any major problems.

Noise Is Too Loud

If you live on a quiet, bucolic street, you are one of the few lucky ones. Not everyone has a silent neighborhood. Cars, people, alarms, and worse can interrupt your sleep. The quality of your windows could contribute to this level of noise. Newer windows are designed to block out more noise and could help you get more rest and serenity inside your home.

Time for a Change!

You may not be facing any of these problems, yet you may still want to replace your windows. Perhaps you just don’t like what you have. You can replace your windows to create a uniform style or add a distinctive feature that appeals to you. When you do replace your windows, you will get all the added benefits of energy-efficient windows, which is well worth the investment.

If you think it’s time to replace your windows, talk to us today about the many options!

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