Inspiration for a Spring Bedroom Refresh

bamboo bedding

As the mornings get brighter and the evenings get longer, you may find yourself in the mood
for change. Spring inspires a fresh take on things, and one room that you might want to
focus your attention on is the bedroom. From adding a splash of colour to exploring cooler
bed sheets, here are some sunny ideas for a refreshing, spring bedroom.

1) Cooler Bedtime

While your thick duvet and extra blankets were perfect for getting you through winter,
come spring it’s time to cool things down. Having the right bedding will make sure you avoid
overheating and enjoy clean, deep rest. Buying bamboo bed sheets online could save you
months of hot nights. The hypoallergenic, silky, soft fabric is temperature intuitive. The
smooth, soft sheets regulate your body temperature (so there is no need to kick the cover
off halfway through the night) The fab thing about bamboo bedding is it will keep you
cool in the warmer months and cosy when it gets nippy. Four seasons in one set of bedding,
now that is a spring bargain.

2) Dazzling prints

If you think your bedroom walls could do with a Spring refresh though you can’t quite be
bothered to get out the paintbrush, here is an idea… Check out some colourful prints. From
unusual patterns to unique frames, choosing a print to hang on your walls is a budget-
friendly, easy way to add a splash of colour to your bedroom. Get out to some home stores
and explore the wide range of designs, or take a peek online. You can find some wonderful
independent artists that create gorgeous prints, choose the colours and designs that make
you feel revitalised and ready for new beginnings and embrace the dazzling energy of

3) Fresh Flowers

If you love the smell and joy of fresh flowers, why wait for a special occasion? Scheduling a
weekly fresh flower delivery is a beautiful way to embrace the magic of Spring into your
bedroom. The season offers an eclectic range of delicious blooms, from yellow daffodils to
pretty snowdrops. Bringing the healing benefits of nature into your bedroom will make your
mornings that bit brighter. Being around nature is proven to be an effective way to relax and
calm the mind which can still be very busy by the time you go to bed. What better way to drift off through Spring than to the lush scents of fresh flowers? You will wake up feeling pretty as a petal.

4) Refresh your wardrobe

One thing that you will definitely want to change come Spring is your wardrobe. Out with
the heavy jumpers and chunky boots, while it might be a little too cool for flip flops, lighter
shirts and more colour are spring essentials. To avoid a cluttered wardrobe, why not store
away all the clothes you won’t be wearing this season under the bed or in drawers. This will
not only make choosing an outfit far easier, but it will also lighten up your space and keep your
wardrobe clean and functional. Pop into Spring with some of your favourite colours, why
not treat yourself to some lighter fabrics that can also be used through Summer, which is
not far behind!

Spring is a month that brings fresh energy, beautiful colour and new possibilities. What
better place to channel that revitalising energy than your bedroom? You don’t have to make
big, expensive changes, it’s best to start small. With a little inspiration, you can create the
perfect fresh Spring bedroom that will have you waking up ready to embrace the sunshine.