Pros and Cons of Lowe’s Windows

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What matters to you the most – a great price of high quality? Quick fix or long-term benefits?

Cheap windows will make a home more appealing, while high-quality windows will also improve energy-efficiency and lower energy bills. 

Choosing the best window supplier can be tricky before answering those questions. To help you out, we have gathered several expert pieces of advice, so you can decide whether Lowe’s replacement windows are right for you and your home. 

Getting the best deal on windows is easy when you know what you should focus on. 

When you are on the lookout for the best replacement windows, you should definitely check what Lowe’s has to offer, but remember to compare it with online suppliers to scout for the best deal possible.  

Here are the pros and cons of Lowe’s windows. 

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Pros of Lowe’s Windows


  • Lowe’s offers window brands that are made to suit every home and fit most budgets. Since Lowe’s is one of the largest big box window suppliers, it is fair to say that their price is highly competitive when compared to local window contractors. 


  • Lowe’s makes it easy for you as they also offer installation services for the windows you purchase. Their installers are licensed, insured, and background-checked for your peace of mind. They also offer one year of protection with window installation, and windows are backed by a Double Lifetime Labor Protection Plan. Keep in mind that you may need to wait several months for the installation and it won’t come cheap either.  If you are more of a DIY person or have a contractor ready to install your windows sooner then later, there are other options with faster lead times than Lowe’s.


  • Thanks to a limited warranty, Lowe’s windows are covered. Bear in mind that this is something that is a common practice for other brands as well. Should you aim for a deal with a warranty? Of course, as you want assistance with any sort of issue may come across along the way. 


  • If you want a seller who can offer a variety of colors, know that it is possible with any major windows brand, Any professional window company, such as Lowe should be able to offer a wide range of different color tones and materials from wood to aluminum to vinyl, there is something for everyone’s pocket. If you are in a need of custom windows, you can never go wrong with ClearMax Windows.

Cons of Lowe’s Windows

Lead Time

  • Custom windows can take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks to arrive! That’s a deal breaker for many despite the reasonable price. 


  • Delivery charges are something that you should usually expect when purchasing windows from Lowe, so if you want to save that money and invest further, go in-store and get your windows there. 

What Should I Look For In A Window Supplier?

The best way to find the right supplier is to know what you need and to search for a company that can deliver and meet your home’s needs. To do so, you should focus on the traits listed below. 


  • You want to choose a window supplier that has been around for a while. The longer they have been in business, the better they will recognize your needs and treat you as a serious customer. 


  • You want to purchase from a window supplier that has extended experience working with the items you are buying. Some companies are narrow-oriented, meaning that they are highly specialized in one area. For example, a window supplier may offer only one brand that produces only vinyl windows, while others may work with several brands and offer a wider range of products and materials that may be more suitable for your project.


  • This is important. When buying new windows you want to learn about the warranty offered. There are many different types of warranties, and commonly you will have to pay for them. It is common to pay extra for this feature as it offers usually great benefits for a customer. 


  • No matter how big your budget might be, you still want to think about the price. When choosing a company, price is an important factor to take into consideration. That being said, think about the costs of your product up front. Important: Do not base your decision merely on price, but still consider it. 

What Window Brands Does Lowe’s Offer?

What Frame Materials Does Lowe’s Offer?

Does Lowe’s Do Custom Window Sizes?

Yes, they do offer custom window sizes and it usually takes between 4- 12 weeks to get them. Btw, We offer custom windows in half the time!

Does Lowe’s Give Free Estimates?

In general, yes. Bear in mind that this is a common practice, and should not be the determining factor when it comes to choosing your replacement windows company. However, the ability to check prices online like on our site will save you time and a trip to the local warehouse. Lowes does not offer that with is not the most convenient.

What Is Lowe’s Rating?

Looking at Lowe’s Google my business ratings, it is fair to say that they are consistently below the 4-star mark.

Is Lowe’s Good for a Window Replacement?

If you want to replace your vinyl windows, Lowe may offer a fair price, but for high-quality products and a surprisingly long lead time. 

Lowe’s Windows – Final Thoughts

All in all, Lowe should definitely be on your list when it comes to doing your research on the best replacement windows. Should you buy from them? It depends on what you need, and if you want a fast and effective solution or a convenient and pricy one.