What Is Window Sash Replacement?

Window Sash with grids

A window sash is the part that surrounds the glass and holds it in place in the window frame. Some window sashes are fixed and cannot be moved, while some are moveable. 

Importance of a Window Sash

Window sashes are crucial for the overall construction and durability of a window of any size. A window sash is so essential that if it’s distorted, it can cause the window to leak and not lock properly, which will eventually lead to more dysfunction and problems, especially if you are based in an area with frequent rain and humidity. A proper window sash must always be functional. 

For example, if your window is stuck and cannot be open or closed easily, it may indicate an alignment problem. In most cases, this can be solved with minor adjustments. In other cases, it means that you should replace your window sashes. 

When to Replace a Window Sash?

There are many ways to tell when a window sash needs to be replaced. 

Remember: they are designed to be firm, so anything opposite to that is a sign of a potential problem. In most cases, a windows sash should be replaced when you notice:

  • Wood swelling if you have wooden windows
  • Aluminum oxidation
  • Sweating and condensation inside the panes of glass
  • Moisture, especially in wooden windows
  • In vinyl windows, sash tend to become warped and poorly fit 

What Is Window Sash Replacement?

A replacement sash is designed to fit into existing window openings without having to replace the entire frame. This is an effective way for homeowners to achieve energy-efficient windows without ripping out existing trim and siding.

Contact Your Professional Window Installer

In most cases, homeowners aren’t sure whether the sash on their window needs to be replaced or not.  Many would even try various DIY options and try to replace the sash independently, only to realize how difficult it is. To avoid this, book a consultation with a trustworthy window contractor for proper advice, inspection. For this and much more, you can contact ClearMax® Windows & Doors.

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