Are Patio Doors Load-bearing?

Look at these patio doors open up - are the doors and frames load bearing?

Patio doors are a fantastic addition to your home, especially when you have a big and well-structured backyard. 

Patio doors will always nicely mix outdoor and indoor space while providing maximum natural light and a feeling of extra open space. If you don’t have patio doors installed already, you are probably thinking about installing them, right? 

Sometimes setting up a huge all-glass window isn’t enough. Therefore, you must install a door, and nothing seems so fitting as patio doors do. However, when you start thinking about installing patio doors, you are actually asking – can I open up my wall to install a patio door?  The simple answer is yes, but you should know that it’s a task that you should never do without professional help. 

You need a professional to determine just how safe it is to remove the wall and to figure out a way to support the weight the wall is holding. 

This is the crucial step, that if you missed, could end up skyrocketing the project cost. Avoid making a huge mistake, by opening a space for a huge disaster where the roof can sag and potentially crumble. 

To avoid this, contact ClearMax Windows & Doors to help you understand the structure better and determine what patio door style fits your home the best.

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