Pros And Cons For Window Replacement vs Glass-Only Replacement

broken window glass - repair the glass or the entire window?

A stray ball, a stronger storm, an all-night rain, or a naughty pet – it all can lead to cracked or completely broken windows. It happens! 

Windows may last for decades, and unless they are bulletproof, no home window can avoid hard-hit stray balls. When this happens, should you save money by replacing just the glass, or is it better to go ahead and replace the entire window? 

To answer this question, you need to be honest and tell if you prefer to focus on long-term or short-term solutions? 

Glass-only or whole window replacement will depend mostly on your preference and budget. Both will provide a solution to the problem, but there are certain traits that you should know about each window type. 

Whole Window Replacement

single hung window replacement example in a beautiful kitchen with open shelving
Sliding glass door detail and rail embed in floor

If you search for a long term fix, you cannot go wrong with complete window replacement. Great benefits here include adding energy-saving glass because, with great energy-efficient windows, you can lower your bills. 

Most people do not know this, but poor framing material can result in excessive heat or cold transfer that will eventually lead to leakage. 

So, when you replace both windows and frames, you are getting more. People who think that whole window replacement is higher costs than glass window replacement are right. The cost might be higher, but you are getting more in terms of durability and amazing energy savings. 

Pro tip: Search for a quality warranty that covers your windows in the event of future damage.

Glass-Only Replacement

Repairing window glass without replacement of the window itself
Windows Glass repair and installation

If you search for the most common, budget-friendly, and fast fix solutions, glass-only replacement is your option. Your costs will be lower with this type, and windows will easily blend in with the rest of your home. Plus, they can be installed fast. 

On the other hand, they can be easily broken. Glass-only replacement windows may come in a few options, depending on the problem. If the pane of glass is cracked, the broken pane can simply be removed and replaced. If you are on a tight budget, you can always try to replace broken glass by yourself, but this isn’t something that is recommended. 

Always choose first to use a company specialized in residential window glass replacement. This way, your windows will be fresh in no time, led by professional touch. 

While we do not offer glass repair or replacement, we can certainly assist you with full window replacement that will benefit you for years to come. Book an appointment today!

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