Is Window Replacement Without Removing Siding Possible?

Window replacement in a wall partially covered with vinyl siding

Window replacement isn’t cheap, but it’s definitely worth it as they increase the value of the property, reduce energy bills and cut household carbon emission.

Still, when it comes to window replacement, people want to get more by spending less, which is why many want to know – Is window replacement without removing siding possible? 

Truth be told, replacement windows don’t require siding removal. When using a Retro-fit frame, the “inserts,” don’t have nailing fins (sometimes called mounting flanges) like in new construction frames because they are typically installed with the existing siding still on the wall, which means there is no exposed sheathing for them to be fastened to.

Replacement windows are fastened through the window frames into the sides of the window openings. The “front flange” serves as a decorative trim to cover any damage that might have occurred to the siding when removing the old window

Plus, if you are replacing windows on your vinyl-sided home, and the old window frame, sill, and jambs are not damaged or rotted, you can replace only the sashes and won’t need to worry about an exterior siding at all. 

Will window opening be smaller this way? No, if you choose a sleek frame that looks natural and offers maximum light (maximum of natural light should always be your goal). 

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