New Construction Windows vs Replacement Windows: What’s Better?

Newly built home with new windows lit up at twilight

When thinking about making your home more appealing and more energy-efficient, everyone knows that you need to deal with windows first. 

It would help if you had the right windows to keep your home cool, your bills low, and your house visually appealing. If you don’t have someone to recommend a particular brand or share their experience on all-about windows, you may feel overwhelmed with all information available. However, you should know that it’s not that scary as it sounds and that everything windows-related is actually pretty straightforward. 

When it comes to buying windows for your home, all you have to do is to choose between two different types of windows: new construction windows or replacement windows

They are mutually exclusive, except in some infrequent situations. To know how to choose between these two, you need to know what their benefits are. Let’s master the difference. 

When You Should Use New Construction Windows

Nail On Frame
New Construction

New construction windows are mandatory when it comes to building a new house. The nailing fin is set back from the outer edge of the window frame so that the exterior wall siding can be installed after the window is put into place. 

The purpose of nailing fins is to secure the window to the wall sheathing and hold it in place while the shims and screws are being installed.

. You should opt for new construction windows when:

  • You are building a home
  • If you need a window addition 
  • If this is a severely damaged wall that needs much repair work 

When You Should Use Replacement Windows

Retro Fit Frame

Replacement windows should be used to replace old windows in an existing home. They are designed to be installed from the inside of the home. This avoids the removal of any exterior elements and allows for a quick, easy and less invasive installation. 

You should use replacement windows if:

  • This is a replacement of the existing window
  • This isn’t a new building or a building under construction 

The Verdict

As the name suggests, new construction windows should be used when building new home or home additions while Replacement windows are made to replace old windows. 

At ClearMax®, we offer both options at an affordable price and maximum energy efficiency. Use our web app below to build your windows, get instant pricing and place an order. If you feel like you need input from a window expert, drop us a line and we will reach out shortly.

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