How Much Will Window Replacement Cost?

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Are you remodeling right now or thinking about doing so shortly? You are probably preparing your budget and want to know precisely how much window replacement will cost. This blog post will break down all the costs associated with replacement windows.

If you need to know when to replace your windows read this blog first.

The main factors that determine the cost of your replacement windows are listed below:

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Replacement Window Cost

The average replacement window can cost somewhere between $160 to $750 for the window alone.  If you want your windows to be professionally installed, you should expect to pay $375 in labor costs per window. 

This is just an overview of the prices because no one can guarantee you the exact cost before they check the conditions of your windows, their size, and overall complexity.

Are you a proud owner of high-end windows? If so, you can expect higher costs because most common high-end window types can cost between $800 to $1,200.

Material Matters

Window replacement cost will also depend on the material you choose; replacing vinyl or wood windows won’t cost the same. For example, for the vinyl windows replacement, you can expect a cost between $160-$900, and for aluminum, you should set on the side between $350-$1400.

Do you need a replacement window quote? Use our online window builder to get an instant quote, save or modify and place an order.

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