Vinyl vs Aluminum: Which Is A Better Replacement Window?

Vinyl vs Aluminum

When it comes to the best replacement windows, material matters. Each window material comes with specific and unique traits. 

When choosing your windows material you need to consider the home location, window size, energy-efficiency, colors, window style you like, and so on. 

Across the States, you may find the two most common window materials: vinyl and aluminum. Each type comes with specific features that your home may benefit from. Let’s check their characteristics. 

Vinyl Replacement Windows

When it comes to the most popular windows today, vinyl replacement windows are on the top of the list. They may not be durable as wood windows, but they can last (and be fully efficient) for a period of 20 years. 

You must admit that two decades isn’t a poor period for a household item. A high-quality vinyl replacement window will always save you money on energy bills. Why? The frame insulation of the window itself is energy efficient. 

Plus, vinyl replacement windows are a great choice if you don’t want to deal with frequent cleaning because vinyl windows never need painting or scraping.

Aluminum Replacement Windows

The very first thing that you should know about aluminum windows is that they tend to be much stronger than uPVC. Aluminum replacement windows have a more elegant appearance, thanks to slimmer features and a larger glass surface that perfectly opens the space and lets more natural light in. 

Just like vinyl replacement windows, aluminum replacement windows can last up to 20 years, plus they are environment friendly. Aluminum replacement windows can significantly increase resale value. They cannot be painted.

The Verdict

It all comes down to personal preferences. If you want the lower cost replacement windows, you should go for vinyl replacement windows. 

If you love to have maximum light in and top view, you should focus on aluminum replacement windows. 

Both aluminum and vinyl are durable, less expensive than wood, and each has its own pros and cons. It all comes to what matters to you. 
If you aren’t sure what to choose, contact ClearMax Windows & Doors to help you bring the best decision for your home and your wallet or book a consultation below.


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